Modeling Human-Robot Interactions as Systems of Distributed Cognition

Huang, C.-M., B. Mutlu, T. Iio, S. Satake, and T. Kanda. “Modeling Human-Robot Interactions As Systems of Distributed Cognition”. Proc. AAAI Fall Sympositum on Artificial Intelligence and Human-Robot Interaction, 2014, pp. 32-37.


Robots that are integrated into day-to-day settings as assis- tants, collaborators, and companions will engage in dynamic, physically-situated social interactions with their users. En- abling such interactions will require appropriate models and representations for interaction. In this paper, we argue that the dynamic, physically-situated interactions between humans and robots can be characterized as a system of distributed cog- nition, that this system can be represented using probabilistic graphical models (PGMs), and that the parameters of these models can be learned from human interactions. We illustrate the application of this perspective in our ongoing research on modeling dyadic referential communication.

DOI: 10.1145/2676723.2677248


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