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Research Opportunities for Current UW–Madison Students

If you are currently at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, you can learn more about research opportunities in our lab as undergraduate or graduate researchers by contacting Professor Bilge Mutlu.


Research Opportunities for Future UW–Madison Students

If you are not at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and are interested in joining our campus, you can learn more about some of our top-ranking undergraduateand graduate academic programs by following the links below. Interested students should follow each department’s admissions guidelines, as we are not able to admit students directly.


Postdoctoral Researcher Positions

Postdoctoral researcher positions are available only on a project basis, and positions are announced on our website and on relevant HCI and robotics mailing lists when available.


Research Internships

Due to resource limitations, we are not able to host research interns.


Participating in Our Studies

If you would like to participate in one of our human-computer interaction or human-robot interaction studies, you can contact Professor Bilge Mutlu to learn more about our ongoing studies.