Human Robot Teaming

Collaborative robots (cobots) deployed in industry offer the potential for a paradigm shift in the way human operators work with their robotic co-workers over traditional robotic automation.

Human Robot Teaming

Human-Robot Collaboration for Aircraft Manufacturing

This project aims to develop new technologies for aircraft manufacturing to provide more flexibility to Human-Robot systems and reduce the ergonomic hardships on workers.

Human-Motion To Robot-Motion Remapping

We propose methods that retarget human motion to robot motion for control and teaching applications.

Designing Learning Companion Robots

This project aims to increase STEM interest in children through the use of a social reading companion robot. These companions are able give interest and knowledge support through the comments they provide as the child reads informal science books.

Design Learning

Robot Programming Methods and Tools

The goal of this project is to investigate and create novel representations, methods, and tools that enable the programming of interactive robots by designers and end-user programmers with a wide range of backgrounds and experience in robotics.

Robot Programming Tools & Methods

Telecare Systems

We are working to design and build voice and visual based interface to assist the elder people with their health management and social activities.